Tournaments and Events

Competition Venues

  • North Greenwich Arena

    During London 2012, North Greenwich Arena will host Artistic Gymnastics, Basketball, Trampoline and Wheelchair Basketball.

    • 20,000+ seats
    • 11 screen theatre
    • Second-largest arena in the UK  

    Location: North Greenwich Arena sits on the point of the Greenwich peninsula, right on the Meridian Line. It is just across the Thames from the mouth of the River Lea, which flows through the Olympic Park.

    About North Greenwich Arena: Originally built for the Millennium celebrations, North Greenwich Arena has been transformed into a sports and entertainment arena with shops, restaurants and more. It opened to the public in June 2007.

    Works to transform North Greenwich Arena into an Olympic and Paralympic venue will start in May 2012. This will include the installation of temporary items such as tents, cabins, signage, services and equipment in and around the venue.

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    Basketball Arena

    During London 2012, the Basketball Arena will host Basketball, Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Rugby and the final stages of the Handball competition.

    • 12,000+ seats
    • Took 15 months to build -  one of the quickest Games venues to be constructed
    • One of the largest-ever temporary venues built for any Games

    Location: The Basketball Arena is located in the north of the Olympic Park (Stratford, East London).

    About the Basketball Arena: Construction on the Basketball Arena began in October 2009, with work to erect the 1,000-tonne steel frame starting in March 2010. Construction was completed within budget in June 2011.

    During the Olympic Games there will be a period of just 22 hours to transform the venue from the Basketball competition to the Handball competition finals. This will include removing the Basketball posts and installing the Handball goals and field of play mat.

    Afterwards, during the Paralympic Games, there will be just 12 hours to get ready for Wheelchair Rugby after the Wheelchair Basketball competition finishes, with similar changes needed.

    The venue’s ‘back of house’ area will be shared with the Velodrome and BMX Track to make most efficient use of space and resources. This will include two courts in temporary accommodation and areas for catering, security, waste management and the media.

    The Basketball Arena will be taken down after the Games. Parts of it are expected to be reused or relocated elsewhere in the UK.

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