Team Canada

Men National Team

  • 2013 Canadian Senior Men's National Team
    The Canadian Men's Wheelchair Basketball Team celebrates at the 2013 Continental Clash

    Canada has been competing internationally in wheelchair basketball since the 1953 Stoke Mandeville Wheelchair Games. Over the years, the Canadian Sr. Men’s National Team has developed into a world leader and highly recognizable force in the sport thanks to numerous international successes that include three gold medals in the past four Paralympic Games (2000, 2004, and 2012) and a silver medal in 2008. Canada also won gold medals at the 2006 World Championships and a host of other competitions throughout the last decade and a half.

    Today the [Canadian Sr. Men's National Team] is well established as one of the top teams in the world, and the Canadian High Performance program has emerged as the pre-eminent model for success. The team is comprised of a group of seasoned veterans and young, talented players that are selected annually to represent Canada in a number of international tournaments and competitions, with the ultimate goal of winning gold at marquee events such as World Championships (held every four years) and the Paralympic Games (held in conjunction with the Olympic Games every four years). 

    Major International Success

    Placement Year Event Location
    Gold Gold 2012 Paralympic Games London, Great Britain
    Bronze Bronze 2011 Parapan American Games Guadalajara, Mexico
    - 7th 2010 World Championship Birmingham, UK
    Silver Silver 2008 Paralympic Games Beijing, China
    Silver Silver 2007 Parapan American Games Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Gold   Gold 2006 World Championship Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    Gold Gold 2004 Paralympic Games Athens, Greece
    Bronze Bronze 2002 World Championship Kitakyushu, Japan
    Gold Gold 2000 Paralympic Games Sydney, Australia
    Bronze Bronze 1998 World Championship Sydney, Australia
    - 5th 1996 Paralympic Games Atlanta, United States
    Bronze Bronze 1994 World Championship Edmonton, Canada
    - 4th 1992 Paralympic Games Barcelona, Spain
    Bronze Bronze 1990 World Championship Bruges, Belgium
    - 5th 1988 Paralympic Games Seoul, South Korea
    Silver Silver 1986 World Championship Melbourne, Australia
    - 5th 1984 Paralympic Games Stoke Mandeville, UK
    - 6th 1983 World Championship Halifax, Canada
    - 5th 1980 Paralympic Games Arnhem, the Netherlands
    - 5th 1979 World Championship Tampa Bay, United States
    - N/A 1976 Paralympic Games Toronto, Canada
    - 7th 1975 World Championship Bruges, Belgium
    - 5th (Tier II) 1972 Paralympic Games Heidelberg, Germany
    - 8th 1968 Paralympic Games Tel Aviv, Israel