How can I turn my basketball wheelchair without using my hands? Are there specific exercises that help?

043012-Pat-portrait“In response to the first question, chair setup is probably the most important element. Think of various points of contact between you and your chair – seat, hips, knees, feet/stumps – and try to reduce the amount of ‘play’, as much as is comfortable. The solution may be found through strapping, adding foam inside your side guards, sewing grip to your seat cushion, opting for a more snug fit next time you order a ball chair, etc”.

“With respect to the skill itself, I would work on core strength. Also, like any skill, you don’t improve by practicing it just once or twice, or by thinking “I’ll just figure it out during scrimmage”. Instead, I’d isolate a move that requires me to move my chair without my hands, and I would practice that same move repeatedly, consciously trying to recruit whatever trunk and lower body function I have. Over time, it should become less conscious, and more fluid and effective.”

“If all else fails, pass the ball”!

Patrick Anderson – Sr. Men’s National Wheelchair Basketball Team


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