How did you get involved with wheelchair basketball?

Tara Feser“I started playing wheelchair basketball right out of high school in 1998 because I had problems with my knee dislocating while playing standup sports. My high school coach for standup basketball was Christina Jones, who played wheelchair basketball as an able bodied athlete, and she brought me out to my first practice. I sat in the chair and the coach asked me to go to the foul line and take a shot. I made the basket and they said that I could stay and that this was the sport for me. Ever since that first practice I have loved playing wheelchair basketball.

I received an offer to try out for the national handball team as a goalie with the chance to go to the Olympics but I decided to choose wheelchair basketball, even though playing at a Canadian National Championship was the highest level at which I could compete because I was not classifiable at the time. I have never regretted my decision and in 2007, I was classified with a minimal disability and I realized that my dreams could come true. I could play the sport that I love at the international level and possibly make it to the Paralympics. I lived this dream in Beijing in 2008 and I owe most of that to my coach and friend Christina Jones for introducing me to this great sport and teaching me what it means to be an athlete and not just a basketball player.”


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