What Is Your Fondest Paralympic Moment?

DaveDureposAskAPlayer(2)My fondest Paralympic moment happened in 2000 Sydney Australia when we won GOLD for the first time.  The Men’s Team had made history… No Canadian men’s team had ever received a medal at the Paralympics.

For me, it had taken eight long years to reach the podium.  As athletes, there are many trials and tribulations that you go through, and many distractions that can steer you the wrong way…  So, most of us end up putting blinders on in order to JUST focus on the goals that are in front of you.

I can remember being a child watching the Olympics on TV, seeing grown-ups on the podium receiving a medal and seeing tears streaming down their faces, not totally understanding why they were so emotional.

Well on October 28, 2000 I understood!!!!  I was on the podium being the FIRST one on the team to receive the medal, our national anthem playing in the background, our flag was being lifted to the rafters, and once they placed that bright GOLDEN medal around my neck… I understood!!!!  I understood!!!!  At that instant!!!  I allowed myself to take those blinders off, I looked around at my teammates, coaches, and the crowd waving the maple leafs — I was literally on top of the world!!!!  WE were the BEST in the WORLD!!!!  Not too many people get to experience that.  And yes, tears streamed down my face…”


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