What made you want to become a pilot?

ChadJassman-Portrait“As long as I could remember I had always wanted to be a pilot, there was something about controlling an aircraft and going so fast that always fascinated me. The best part about flying is the first time you lift the plane off the runway and you’re at the controls. It feels so free to see the ground fade away underneath you and being able to make that airplane do whatever you want.

My favorite thing to do flying is aerobatics (doing loops and barrel rolls and such) It’s such a powerful feeling making the plane pull 5 G’s or more and you’re sucked into your seat. (a 200 pound man at 5 G’s is equivalent to 1000 pounds) Also pulling negative G’s is a really cool experience. It’s when you make the plane fall faster than gravity makes you fall. So being inside the plane if you aren’t wearing a seatbelt you will actually float around the cabin of the plane.

My favorite plane I have actually flown isn’t actually a plane at all, it was a glider. It’s amazing because it’s so quiet and relaxing. Also the glider I flew was fully aerobatic meaning you could make it do just about anything. You could pull enough G force to make yourself pass out if you aren’t careful about what you’re doing.

If I could fly any plane though it would have to be a fighter jet like an F-22 though. Being able to go over twice the speed of sound and pull above 9 G’s has to be one of the coolest things a human body can do.

If I could fly ANYWHERE it would be the Maldivian Islands. That was my pilot’s dream job, flying float planes island to island for tourists. It looks amazing there and the planes they use are about as cool as it gets.”


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