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Wheelchair Basketball Canada is pleased to offer programs to any persons interested in playing the game of wheelchair basketball. Individuals are encouraged and invited to become involved as players, coaches, officials, or volunteers.
Working in partnership with our member provinces and clubs, Wheelchair Basketball Canada hosts a Men’s and Women’s [National Championships], a [Men’s] and [Women’s] National Club Championship. We also feature a number of [Junior & Mini] events such as a Junior East and West Championships, Junior National Championships and Mini Regional events.  
We are committed to providing opportunities for athletes with a disability to participate in a fully integrated sport program at the level they choose. It promotes growth at the initiation, developmental, competitive and elite levels, and offers programs for youth, women, and men.

Sport for All

We believe that inclusion is fundamental to achieving equity and access in sport and therefore promotes the "sport for all" concept, encouraging athletes with a disability and able-bodied athletes to compete together on the same basketball court within a classification system. This system allows for fair and equitable competition for all.

Doping Control

Wheelchair Basketball Canada promotes competitions that are fair, ethical, and free from banned substances. We work in conjunction with the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport & follow the rules and regulations set forth in the Canadian Anti Doping Program.  More information can be found on the [Doping Control] page.

Funding & Support

Wheelchair Basketball Canada could not succeed without the support of many groups. We work closely with Canada Basketball and Canadian Paralympics Committee (CPC) to ensure that athletes have access to all the information and support available. Sport Canada provides financial support for Wheelchair Basketball Canada programs through Canada Basketball.
Thank you for your interest and we invite you to [contact us] for further information.