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Become A Coach

Building leadership. Building communities.

By learning how to become a coach, you can provide a positive experience for others and for yourself. Coaches represent many different roles to many different people. Coaches are viewed as teachers, mentors, role models, friends, and as leaders in the community in which they become involved. Coaches contribute to the community, have an enormous effect on the development of our youth, and participate in a great learning experience.

Good coaching is fundamental to community sport. By becoming a valued member of the community, good coaches can share the positive aspects of an active lifestyle. The role of a coach allows you to teach things such as teamwork, character building, and the fundamental skills of the sport to participants who are eager to learn.

Coaches can help to train any type of participant, from beginners to Olympians, and everyone in between.

Visit [Coaches Association of Canada] for more information on coaching.

Persons interested in becoming a Wheelchair Basketball coach should contact:

Catherine Ireland
Program Coordinator
(613) 260-1296 ext. 204