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The new Visual Identity of the Wheelchair Basketball Canada has been designed to support the key objective of positioning the organization as innovative, inclusive and a world leader in its sport — as well create a memorable presence with key target audiences such as sponsors, partners and stakeholders in the sport.

The new Visual Identity contains a number of key elements:

New Name:

In order to present a more dynamic and modern moniker that is simpler and punchier, the name of the organization has been shortened to – Wheelchair Basketball Canada. The new name brings the organization in line with the naming protocols of other Canadian NSO’s and integrates with the new symbol to symbolize an organization‐wide commitment to innovation, excellence and growth.


The combined illustrated elements of the circular shape can be interpreted to imply a number of key visual representations:

  • Global presence, scope and accomplishment. Wheelchair Basketball is played at a high level around the world and Canada is a world leader in the sport.
  • Forward movement — much like in the game itself, and the ever‐advancing commitment to excellence of our athletes.
  • Core elements of the game itself (basketball and wheel) can also be seen in the circular shape.
  • The deliberate open style of the circular shape also communicates that Wheelchair Basketball Canada is an inclusive organization that welcomes all participants and supporters.

The Maple Leaf is, of course, an internationally well known and respected icon for Canada as a country and a source of great pride for our athletes. Originally inspired by the Canada Basketball identity, it has been rendered in a more fluid style that matches the tone of the rest of the symbol and creates an interpretation of the Maple Leaf that is distinct for Wheelchair Basketball Canada.


Simple, bold and dynamic these coloursrepresent both Canada (red) and strength (black). The separation of the colours gives the symbol dimension and depth. On the practical side, these colours will be easy and affordable to apply to multiple applications and formats.


The font was chosen for its clean lines and modern, bold style and reinforces the innovative thinking and forward movement of the game and the organization.

"Real life. Real sport." Slogan

“Real Life. Real Sport.” finds its motivation in the athletes themselves and speaks to the compelling stories that humanize each of them, no matter what the level of competition. Theirs are real life stories of tragedy, perseverance, grit and, ultimately, inspiration. The tag line also takes aim at common misconceptions about the legitimacy of wheelchair basketball and reinforces the undeniable authenticity of this real sport.