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Introduction - File Formats

Trademark protection
As a registered trademark, the Wheelchair Basketball Canada logo source files must not be changed; this includes redrawing the logo, scanning-in and reusing or altering the logo in any way.
Space and Sizing
Where and how the logo is placed is dependent upon space and application. However, it should never appear to be crowded or out of proportion to its surroundings. Do not alter the proportions or spatial relationships of any Wheelchair Basketball Canada logos. Specifications for colour, clear space and minimum size must be followed for all uses of the logos.
Please ensure that if you are supplying the logo for reproduction by others, that graphic specifications and high-resolution electronic files are provided to those who will be using the logo.
Logo Files
The Wheelchair Basketball Canada logo must always be reproduced using a high-quality (resolution) electronic file for print purposes. The preferred format for high resolution electronic files can be identified by the suffix of .EPS. JPEG files are not appropriate for high-resolution applications but may be used for Word processing and correspondance.

BRAND LOGO - Wheelchair Basketball Canada

Wordmark - Symbol

The Wheelchair Basketball Canada Brand Logo is made of two elements. The Symbol and the wordmark or name.

BRAND LOGO—Available Versions

Available Versions

The Wheelchair Basketball Canada ‘Standard’ Logo version should be used for all applications unless a Seal is more appropriate and required.
The Wheelchair Basketball Canada ‘Crest’ Logo verion should be applied where the ‘Standard’ application may not be suited. Example: Bags/Leather jacket etc.



The Wheelchair Basketball Canada logo colours are a core part of the visual identity and must be applied consistently across all applications, such as those in print and electronic.

The Wheelchair Basketball Canada logo colours are the combination of two colours:

Print Use

The Wheelchair Basketball Canada colours, are created by using:
• PMS (Pantone Matching System) ‘Spot’, or
by using a
• ‘CMYK’ equivalent. (See above)

Onscreen Use

Specifications for viewing Wheelchair Basketball Canada red onscreen have been created to help provide consistent colours for different monitors. (See above)

BRAND LOGO - Colour Versions

One Colour

In instances where only one colour is being used the logo may be reproduced black or WBC red.

Two Colour

In instances where two colors are being used, the logo must be reproduced in its corporte red and black only.

Colour Background

The logo must not be reversed on any background colour that will impair legibility.

BRAND LOGO - Sizing and Clearance


Minimum Size Applications

Y = 12.7 mm or .5”
Y = 50.8 mm or 2”

Download Our [Brand Identity Guide]  for more information.