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Wheelchair Basketball is a sport that demands a lot of passion, commitment and conviction from everyone involved. So it's no surprise that when given  the chance those that know the sport best have a lot to say. Here's your chance to get inside the heads of some of the top minds in the game as they  give their opinions about the world of wheelchair basketball as they see it.

Find out what the experts have to say on the topics below and join the debate by submitting a topic of your own!

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Height vs. Speed > Coaches discuss whether height or speed is a greater asset in wheelchair basketball.
Shooting Skills > Players discuss the development of shooting skills.
Women's Development > A look at how the women's game has developed at the international stage.
WBC Academy Program > Why the Academy Program is an innovative step towards the development of the next generation of elite Canadian wheelchair basketball athletes.
Tilting vs. Lifting > Why tilting is legal in wheelchair basketball whereas lifting is forbidden.
Classification vs.
Why wheelchair basketball players are referred to by their classification instead of by position like in able-bodied basketball.
The Future of Canada's Youth > The outlook for Canada's wheelchair basketball stars of tomorrow.
Rule Changes > A look at the significant rules changes that have affected the game of wheelchair basketball.
Toughest Opponents > Players discuss the toughest international opponents they've faced.
Selection Camp > Tips for preparing for a selection camp.
Full Court Press > An explanation of the full court press.
Women's Dream Team > Players draft their all-time fantasy dream teams.
New Player Skills > A look at important skills for new players to work on.