The Saskatchewan Club ’99 lead tier 2 into semi-finals after first day of 2016 Canadian Wheelchair Basketball League National Championship


Day-1-recap-portrait(Kamloops, B.C.) The Saskatchewan Club ’99 come out on top on Friday at the 2016 Canadian Wheelchair Basketball League (CWBL) National Championship as they emerge undefeated from the round robin action. In tier 1 the Bulldogs de Quebec and Scarbarian Tigers also ended the first day of competition without losses.

Ten of the country’s top competitive club teams are vying for a shot at the national title at the Tournament Capital Centre in Kamloops, B.C.

“Wheelchair Basketball Canada is delighted to see our National Championships held in a region such as Kamloops and to see the huge support that the local community has given the event,” said Wheelchair Basketball Canada Executive Director Wendy Gittens. “I would like to thank the British Columbia Wheelchair Basketball Society for hosting this tremendous demonstration of fierce Canadian competition and sportsmanship, you are truly leaders in our sport.”

The round robin competition resumes Saturday as teams determine who will face off in the finals. Tier 2 bronze and gold medal games are set for 2 p.m. PT and tier 1 bronze and gold medal games are set for 10 a.m. PT and 12 p.m. PT, respectively, on Sunday.

Game 1 – Kamloops Bulldogs 40 vs. Manitoba 24


The game’s top scorers: Rob Lamb and Tanner Scott for Kamloops with 10 points, Kris Isford for Manitoba with 12 points.

Game 2 – Saskatchewan Club ’99 74 vs. Brampton Cruisers/Suns 21


The game’s top scorers: Shelby Harrower for Club ‘99 with 22, Michael Kilonzo for Suns with 6.

Game 3 – Calgary Grizzlies 31 vs. Bulldogs de Quebec 74


The game’s top scorers: Mickaël Poulin for Quebec with 24 points, Erik Vliegenthart for the Grizzlies with 12 points.

Game 4 – BC Royals 41 vs. Twin City Spinners 63


The game’s top scorers: Nik Goncin for the Spinners with 34 points, Ross Macdonald for the Royals with 10 points.

Game 5 – Manitoba 20 vs. Saskatchewan Club ’99 67


The game’s top scorers: Shelby Harrower for Club ‘99 with 19 points, Steve Hayward for Manitoba with 5 points.

Game 6 – Brampton Cruisers/Suns 48 vs. Kamloops Bulldogs 28


The game’s top scorers: Rob Lamb for Kamloops with 12 points, Jesse Packard for the Suns with 19 points.

Game 7 – Calgary Grizzlies 50 vs. Scarbarian Tigers 61


The game’s top scorers: Chad Jassman for the Grizzlies with 12 points. Colin Higgins for the Tigers with 18 points.

Game 8 – Alberta Northern Lights 56 vs. BC Royals 71


The game’s top scorers: Deion Green for the Royals with 25 points, Ben Moronchuk for the Northern Lights with 16.

Game 9 – Kamloops Bulldogs 40 vs. Saskatchewan Club ’99 75


The game’s top scorers: Shelby Harrower for Club ‘99 with 22 points, Rob Lamb for Kamloops with 14 points.

Game 10 – Brampton Cruisers/Suns 43 vs. Manitoba 24


The game’s top scorers: Art Monforte and Spencer Lambert for Manitoba with 6 points each, Jesse Packard for the Suns with 12 points.

2016 CWBL National Championship – Schedule and Results

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The Canadian Wheelchair Basketball League (CWBL) was founded in 1986 and has two primary divisions: the Open division and the Women’s division. The league features wheelchair basketball club teams from across Canada and culminates each season with a national championship for both the Open and Women’s divisions.
The league is fully integrated as both divisions welcome athletes with a disability as well as able-bodied athletes to play in the spirit of competition. It often features some of the country’s best wheelchair basketball players, including past, present and future members of Team Canada.

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