One of the attractions to wheelchair basketball is the lack of required equipment. The only equipment that players need for this fun team game is a sporty wheelchair and a basketball.

Wheelchair basketball is usually played in an arena or gym on a basketball court, but can be played indoors or outdoors and pretty well anywhere there is a flat surface and a net.

The Wheelchair

PatAndersonChair-Portrait The wheelchair, the primary piece of equipment in the game of wheelchair basketball, has evolved over time alongside the sport. In the early days, players used the everyday stainless steel wheelchair with foot and armrests that weighed about 30 pounds. Today, the wheelchairs are lightweight and streamlined to allow for speed and agility with many cutting-edge, sport-enhancing design features.

Most of the wheelchairs used in the sport today are constructed from titanium or aircraft aluminum and include additional fifth and sixth wheel for added stability and mobility. The front bumper is designed so that it will not lock with or be held by the opponent. The angle of the wheel base or “camber” is optimal for each athlete to allow for stability and quick turns. The wheels on the chair often now use cables rather then the traditional steel spokes as the cables are three times stronger and 50% lighter than steel.

The high end basketball wheelchairs are expensive and range from $2,500 to $5,000 in price.

The Basketball

Molten is the official basketball of FIBA and is used at all major competitions including the Paralympic Games and World Championships, as well as most domestic events held in Canada.

Molten’s G-Series ball is designed for elite basketball competition and comes in two models: GL (leather) and GG (composite), and two sizes: 7 (men) and the slightly smaller 6 (women).

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