Safe Sport

Wheelchair Basketball Canada (WBC) believes that sport should be free of harassment, abuse or discrimination of any kind. We are dedicated to working with the sport community and with our stakeholders to foster an environment that is safe, welcoming and inclusive for everyone involved in wheelchair basketball in Canada, including our athletes, coaches, officials, staff and volunteers.

Our Policies

Independent Third Party for Wheelchair Basketball in Canada

The ability to report issues is critical to maintaining a safe sport environment for wheelchair basketball participants in Canada. WBC has appointed an independent third party, Ilan Yampolsky, to objectively and confidentially facilitate complaints from the Canadian wheelchair basketball community. He can review, advise and refer issues for further investigation independently of WBC. You may contact him at 1-833-913-1304 or at

Canadian Sport Helpline

The Canadian Sport Helpline provides a safe place for victims and witnesses of harassment, abuse and discrimination, or simply to speak in confidence to a neutral third party to get the help they need. It serves as a professional listening and referral service.

Contact the Canadian Sport Helpline at 1-888-837-7678 or

Rule of Two

The goal of the Rule of Two is to ensure all interactions and communications are open, observable and justifiable. Its purpose is to protect participants (especially minors) and coaches in potentially vulnerable situations by ensuring more than one adult is present. There may be exceptions in emergency situations.

  • The coach is never alone and out of sight with a participant without another screened coach or screened adult (parent or volunteer) present.
  • Allow training environment to be open to observation.
  • Ensure a participant rides in a coach’s vehicle with another adult present.
  • Consider the gender of the participant(s) when selecting the screened coaches and volunteers who are present.
  • Eliminate one-to-one electronic messaging. Ensure that all communications are sent to the group and/or include parents.
  • Learn more:

Safe Sport Standards

WBC is committed to providing safe, fun, inclusive and welcoming sport environments by applying minimum standards in the areas of: Certification, Training, and Screening. The standards outlined below in these three key areas are effective immediately and will be applied at all WBC sanctioned domestic events moving forward.

In the 2020 competition season, sanctioned domestic events include the Canadian Wheelchair Basketball League (CWBL) National Championship, CWBL Women’s National Championship, Junior East Regionals and Junior West Regionals. These new standards must be completed by the registration deadlines for relevant competitions:

  • Junior Competitions – February, 14, 2020
  • CWBL Competitions – February 28, 2020

Throughout this process, WBC is committed to enhancing existing policies, implementing stage appropriate certification and ethics training standards, and solidifying screening requirements.

WBC Safe Sport Matrix – National Championships

The following matrix outlines the requirements for various individuals involved in the delivery of WBC sanctioned domestic events.

WBC Safe Sport Matrix – Administration and High Performance

The following matrix outlines the requirements for WBC administrative and high performance staff as well as board members of WBC.


Minimum Coaching Requirements:

  • ALL COACHES at WBC sanctioned domestic events must have achieved the appropriate level of certification for the age and stage of their athletes by the registration deadline for each competition in order to be present on the bench at any WBC sanctioned event.
  • ALL COACHES must also complete the Coaching Association of Canada’s “Make Ethical Decisions” module and evaluation as part of the appropriate course content.
  • Completion of these requirements will be tracked through The Locker.


Respect in Sport and Concussion Education:

Respect in Sport is designed to train sport activity leaders to recognize, understand and respond to issues of bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination.


  • ALL COACHES, MANAGERS, TEAM STAFF and OFFICIALS are required to submit a valid Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Check to the WBC Head Office in order to be on the court at a WBC sanctioned event.
  • ALL OFFICE STAFF, HP ADMIN STAFF and BOARD MEMBERS must submit a valid Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Check as per the WBC Screening Policy.
  • A Criminal Record Check can be obtained through
  • A Vulnerable Sectors Check can be obtained from your local police department.
  • These documents will be kept on file in a secure location and will be valid for three years as per the WBC Screening Policy.

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