Classification is the process by which a team’s total functional potential on the court is leveled off with respect to its opponent. It is a functional evaluation taking into consideration each player’s ability to perform skills specific to the sport of wheelchair basketball; wheeling, dribbling, passing, reaction to contact, shooting, rebounding.

Classifiers are certified technical officials whose role is to evaluate and assign players to a classification. Players are classified in their playing environment, on the basketball court and in their playing chair. This enables the classifier to assess each player, as they will be when taking part in actual competitions.

Become a Classifier

Individuals interested in becoming a wheelchair basketball classifier should contact their local Provincial Sport Ogranization to get involved at the local level. For more information, individuals can also contact the Wheelchair Basketball Canada.

Active Classifiers

List of Active Classifiers across Canada.

Introduction To IWBF Classification

This video is presented by the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation. It is an educational video designed to introduce classifiers to the international classification system.

Resources for Classifers

Domestic Classification

International Classification

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