Competition – Introduction

The Competition – Introduction workshop is a 19-hour course, scheduled over three days with on- and off-court teachings. There is no prerequisite and this can be considered your entry level competition course. Athletes will be in the Learn to Train stage of the LTAD.

Age of athletes being coached:

Early Entry Athletes:  Females 8-11 years, Males 9-12 years.
Late Entry Athletes:  +1-2 training years.

Who is this workshop designed for?

This workshop is designed for coaches who wish to learn the skills and techniques needed to coach in introductory competitive settings.  Coaches who are interested in the games approach and in giving effective positive specific feedback will also benefit.

What is the focus of the workshop?

The focus of this introductory workshop is to learn to coach the basic skills and tactics of wheelchair basketball that will be required to support the competitive experience.

What are the top 3-5 things a coach will learn in this workshop?

  1. An understanding of the Long Term Athlete Development concept and model.
  2. How to teach fundamental wheelchair basketball movement skills and technical/tactical skills (movement skills such as starting/stopping/turning, technical skills of shooting, passing, ball handling and chair position, tactical skills such as picking and defense).
  3. How to develop and effective practice plan.
  4. An understanding of the Making Ethical Decisions six-step decision making process.

Location of the workshop:

In class and in the gymnasium.

What other certification requirements are there?  

Coach will receive “In-Training status” upon completion of the Competition Introduction course. While no certification prerequisite exists, coaches should note that to be eligible for certification they must successfully complete the MED online evaluation.

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If you are interested in becoming a qualified coach in the Wheelchair Basketball Canada NCCP program, contact your Provincial Sport Organization for certification courses near you.

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