National Coaching Certification Program


Wheelchair Basketball Canada: NCCP Operations Manual (pdf)

Wheelchair Basketball Canada firmly believes that just as a strong and capable coach will enable success amongst a team, a strong and capable coaching program will enable success amongst the community. It is our belief that the coaching program is essential to the overall success of our sport in Canada and internationally. Whether we measure our success by gold medals or individuals participating; knowledgeable, effective and passionate coaches are vital.


By embracing the new National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), we have been given the opportunity to re-evaluate our coaching standards, lessons, teachings and criteria. We have been given this opportunity to gather information and to embrace the changes signifying growth and development. It has also granted us the ability to align our coaching program with our Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, an alignment that is absolutely crucial to wheelchair basketball in Canada.

LTAD - Coaching Levels

Coaching Streams

Wheelchair Basketball Canada will focus on two coaching streams: Community Sport and Competition. The appropriate stream will be dependent upon the type of athlete the coach is working with.

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PDM Community Sport and Competition Streams-800px

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