Wheelchair Basketball Canada Statement on the 2022 IWBF World Wheelchair Basketball Championships

Wheelchair Basketball Canada congratulates Dubai on being awarded the right to host the 2022 IWBF Men’s and Women’s World Wheelchair Basketball Championships and thanks the IWBF for their consideration of Canada’s bid.

“While we are disappointed with this outcome, we are proud of the bid we put forward to bring the world championships to Ottawa. We sincerely thank all three levels of government, our venue, sport and corporate partners, and all of the leaders from across the Canadian sport community for their support of our bid,” said Wendy Gittens, Executive Director.

“We still very much believe in power of hosting and the multitude of sport and community legacies that come along with it. We will continue to work towards bringing other events to Canada in our quest to move people to experience the impact of wheelchair basketball.”


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