Academy Camps

Throughout the year, the National Academy will host a series of talent identification camps that feature on-court training, strength and conditioning sessions, and information sessions. These camps are designed to evaluate elite wheelchair basketball athletes that have the potential to attend the National Academy in the future.

Athletes attending the identification camps will have the opportunity to train and receive elite instruction from the National Academy staff, including Mike Frogley, the Academy Director, and other national team program coaches. Athletes will have three on court sessions on most days, with additional instruction in other areas such as nutrition and sports psychology.

U19 Open Camp

This camp is open to any male or female athlete 12-18 years old who demonstrates the interest and potential to develop their skills and one day be part of the national program. It is designed for athletes in the Learn To Train and Train To Train (phase 1) stages of LTAD. This is an excellent camp for those athletes who want to build a strong foundation to support their future in wheelchair basketball at either a competitive or recreational level.

U23 Invitation Camp

Élodie TessierThis camp is designed for male and female athletes 17-22 years old who demonstrate the potential to join the national program in the future. Attendance at this camp is by invitation only. Invitations for this camp are coordinated through the U23 men’s head coach and the U25 women’s head coach. Athletes interested in this camp should discuss their involvement in this camp with the appropriate head coach. This camp is designed for athletes in the Train To Train (phase 2) and the Train To Compete stages of the Wheelchair Basketball Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model.

Late Entry Camp

This open camp is designed for late entry athletes who are interested in possible future national program involvement. This camp is designed to provide a combination of fundamental skill development or advanced skill development depending on the needs of the athlete. This camp is designed to provide the necessary skills so that can athlete choose to pursue either a recreational path or competitive path in wheelchair basketball. Typical athletes are between the ages of 19 and 28, but the design of the camp is such that all Late Entry Athletes can be considered. If you are interested in this camp, you should contact either the U23 men’s head coach or U25 women’s head coach.

Clinics For Coaches & Technical Officials

Wheelchair basketball coaches and technical officials can also access training opportunities at the National Academy. The National Academy will be home to formal clinics for Canadian coaches, officials and classifiers in order to support their ongoing development both domestically and at the international level. At each of the aforementioned identification camps, coaches and technical officials can receive opportunities for professional development. If you are interested in attending one of the identification camps you can contact the U23 men’s or U25 women’s head coaches to determine which camp is most appropriate.

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