How was the Canadian Women’s Team able to keep their composure in tight games and fight through adversity at the 2010 World Championships ?

Tracey Ferguson-headshot“This team has worked really hard on improving the technical and tactical aspects of our play since 2008. There were a number of changes we underwent and there were some “growing pains” as we worked to put it all together. We really started to come together around the end of May at the Paralympic Cup and was a really big step in our preparations for Worlds. Persevering through the tough times, gave our team a certain character and toughness that really showed when we in tight games at Worlds.

One of the most amazing things about this team was that the tougher and tighter the games got, the more we came together as a team. There was a confidence in each other that allowed players to take risks and make plays that a few months before would not have been as likely to happen. While we were aiming for the Gold at Worlds, our Bronze medal was nonetheless an accomplishment that we are proud of, because we did it together, as a team.

There is still a lot of work to do leading up to London 2012, but we have proven to ourselves and the world that we are ready to fight to be a top the podium in 2012.”


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