Day Two Difference Maker at the 2014 WWWBC: Janine Jeffers

062114-JanineJeffersName: Janine Jeffers

Role: Volunteer of All Trades – Info Desk, Arrivals/Departures, VIP Loungs

What are you doing at the 2014 WWWBC: For arrivals I greeted the teams when they arrived at the hotel, helped them unpack their luggage and their equipment. Today I am working at the info desk, so helping guests with any questions they have, handing out accreditations. For the rest of the week I will be in the VIP lounge doing I’m not sure what. It’s a big secret, so we’ll see.

What moves you about wheelchair basketball: The athleticism. Someone said today, “I’ve seen these girls’ arms and they could take me out!” I think it’s that. You think, ‘Oh, someone’s in a wheelchair” but you don’t realize how strong they are until you see them on the court just pushing everyone. That’s what moves me.

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